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UC Sigma Xi Chapter Funds at the University of Cincinnati Foundation

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Sigma Xi Program Fund: The Sigma Xi Fund was established in 2010, on the 85th anniversary year of the UC Sigma Xi Chapter Charter, to provide an opportunity for new donor’s gifts and endowments in support of the mission, activities, programs and events hosted and sponsored by the University of Cincinnati Sigma Xi Chapter.  The UC Sigma Xi Program Fund will be used to strengthen, showcase and nurture UC’s science and engineering community of students, scholars, educators, faculty, and supporters through sponsorship of notable visiting and residential scholars that illustrate and exemplify trans-disciplinary thinking and practice that depends on deep expertise in disciplinary science and engineering.  These events will be open to the UC and Greater Cincinnati communities so that the knowledge, ideas and information can serve the broadest audience possible and expand science and engineering literacy among the citizens of Greater Cincinnati and the members of the University of Cincinnati community of scholars.

Awards and Scholarships Fund:  This fund, established in 2005 through an initial endowment from the Estate of Violet M. Diller, supports annual awards such as: (1) UC Young Faculty Researcher of the Year, (2) Southwest Ohio High School Science/Math Teacher of the Year, (3) UC Undergraduate and  Graduate STEM Research Scholarships, and (4) similar excellence awards to identify, promote, showcase and advance science and engineering research for the benefit of society and the advancement of knowledge.  Benefactor Note: Dr. Diller was an advocate for women in the sciences, and serves as treasurer of UC Sigma XI from 1955-1979, and was the first UC faculty member (physics) on the National Sigma Xi executive Board from 1971-1975. Dr. Diller died at age 83 ion February 13, 1989.

Benchmarks and Goals for the 2 UC Sigma Xi Funds: The two UC Sigma Xi Funds will be used to support the activities/programs of UC’s Sigma Xi Chapter.  Each of these Sigma Xi Funds seeks to establish a principal of $100,000 over a 10 year period (2010-2020) with at least $10,000 directed into each fund by donors annually.  When fully capitalized, the funds intended to permit an annual expenditure of $10,000+ in support of the UC Sigma Xi Chapter activities and programs.

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