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The Sigma Xi Society website offers guidance on how active at-large members can affiliate with a Chapter (
"A members can update her/his address and chapter affiliation information and/or to request a change in membership status (from associate member to full member). Because a member is the only person who can access her/his membership record, the member will be required to enter her/his membership ID and last name. The ID number appears on the member's membership card and on the mailing label attached to the member's issue of American Scientist.
If any member wishes to change her/his chapter affiliation to the UC chapter, she/he should contact Stephen Matter, UC Chapter Treasurer by email at
If an at-large member is interested in updating aspects of her/his record that relates to paying dues-choosing the automatic payment option, for example-please go to the Member Services : Pay Dues section of the Sigma Xi Society website at

Invitation to affiliate with UC Chapter

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