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Josh Gross’s research on how asymmetries in the skulls of blind fish can help them to navigate was recently highlighted by the CBC.  Click here to hear more about it.

Congratulations to UC Students who received National Sigma Xi GIAR Awards in March 2014!

Jinyoung Choi (Physiology/Functional Morphology); Yuguang Liu (Engineering); Stella Mosher (Ecology) and Brent Stoffer (Behavior Ecology)

Congratulations to our UC Chapter Award winners for 2014!

2014 Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award
Jure Zupan, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, The McMicken College of Arts & Science

2013-2014 UC Sigma Xi Outstanding Science/Mathematics High School Teacher Award for Greater Cincinnati.
Joe Gray, Notre Dame Academy

2014 Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid-of-Research Award
Jinyoung Choi, Biological Sciences, Advisor: Dr. Daniel Buchholz
Erika Freimuth, Geology, Advisor: Dr. Aaron Diefendorf
Rachel Gilbert, Biological Sciences, Advisor: Dr. George Uetz
Matthew Vrazo, Geology, Advisor: Dr. Carlton Brett


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