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The Charles Phelps Taft Memorial Fund was founded in the 1930s upon a generous endowment made by Annie Sinton Taft, in honor of her husband Charles Phelps Taft.  She wanted to remember him for his “real enthusiasm for those studies which relate rather to the improvement of the mind than to physical and material betterment." Her goal was to “bring about a concentration of interest upon that group of ideas which are generally known as "The Humanities," particularly with the development of ideas, of thought and of character.

In 2005, under the leadership of Richard Harknett, Taft gained an institution presence as the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center at the University of Cincinnati. Our mission is to realize the vision of Annie Sinton Taft, funding excellent humanities scholarship in order to expand our minds and the conceivable.

Members of the Taft family continue to serve as trustees of the endowment, ensuring long term security over the fund.

former directors

Frank W. Chandler (1930-1944)

Robert Shafer (1944-1946)

Edwin H. Zeydel (1946-1961)

Cedric Boutler (1961-1972)

Arnold Schrier (1973-1989)

Judy Muyskens (1989-1994)

Barbara Ramusack (1994-1998)

Chris McCord (1998-2003)

Richard Harknett (2003-2008)

Jana Evans Braziel (2008-2012)

Adrian Parr (2013 - 2018)

Amy Lind (2019 - present)

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