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Andrés Pérez-Simón, Associate Professor of Spanish, was appointed at the Interim Director of the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center for the Fall of 2018. Prior to serving as the Interim Director, Dr. Pérez-Simón served on several Taft committees, was a Taft Center Fellow, and served for several years on the Taft Faculty Board.

Prior to his appointment as the Interim Faculty Chair and Director of the Center, Pérez-Simón's book Drama, literatura, filosofía: Itinerarios del realismo y modernismo europeos (Madrid: Fundamentos, 2015) questions traditional historiographical accounts based on clear-cut distinction among literary and discursive genres to propose, instead, a more complex description of the converging lines among narrative, dramatic and philosophical texts in early-twentieth century Spain and Western Europe.

He is currently working on a second book-length manuscript, with the provisional title of Baroque Lorca.

He was co-editor of the digital repository New Drama in Spanish, and the volume Structuralism(s) Today: Paris, Prague, Tartu (Ottawa: Legas Presss, 2009). He has published essays on world narrative, drama, film and literary theory. Some of his latest essays are: A Personal History of the 'American Hour' of Comparative Literature: Claudio Guillén in Conversation with Harry Levin, Conceptualizing the Hollywood Biopic, La ficción difícil: la escritura memorialista de Antonio Muñoz Molina, Manufacturing Authenticity: Anonymous Acting Celebrities in Atalaya’s Production of Lorca’s "The House of Bernarda Alba" (2009), Introducción a "La teoría de la Escuela de Praga", de Jirí Veltruský, The Concept of Metatheatre: A Functional Approach. He has published four book reviews: "Teoría teatral de la Escuela de Praga: de la fenomenología a la semiótica performativa" (eds. and trans. Jarmila Jandová and Emil Volek), "Archaeologies of Presence" (eds. Gabriella Giannachi, Nick Kaye, and Michael Shanks), "El pacto ambiguo: De la novela autobiográfica a la metaficción" (Manuel Alberca), and "Otra historia del formalismo ruso" (Pau Sanmartín Ortí).

Fo more information, please see his research profile page at UC or his personal website at

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