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All applications are due by 5 PM on the day of the posted deadline. The awards committee will begin reviewing applications as soon as the deadline closes, so all applications must be submitted with enough time for external letters of support to arrive by the time of the deadline.

Eligibility is limited to research oriented faculty on the UC Uptown Campus, who either enjoy a full-time, tenured or tenure-track position in a designated Taft department or hold a full-time, tenured or tenure track position in A&S and also hold a terminal degree in a Taft designated discipline.

Projects likely to result in significant scholarly production over the course of the fellowship will be prioritized. This assessment is based upon the applicant’s record of production in their career and following previous Taft awards, as well as the conception, definition, organization, and description of the proposed project, the current state of the research, and the proposed research schedule. Be sure to address your application to an interdisciplinary audience, which is the makeup of the committee.

center fellowship

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Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects will be prioritized over an individual, isolated research agenda. The specific research project for the year need not be interdisciplinary in nature, the faculty member must be committed to intellectual exchange beyond his or her own research project and contribute to the intellectual community of the Taft Center.

faculty release fellows

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summer research fellows

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