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2018 Taft Research Symposium

Talks begin at 12:30 PM, at the Taft Research Center, unless indicated otherwise

Monday, Feb. 26
The Impact of Malaria Control on Maternal and Child Mortality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Guy-Lucien Whembolua, Africana Studies
& Jean-Pierre Bongila, University of St. Thomas

Keynote Address
On Tyranny: The Rise of Modern Authoritarianism in Europe and America

Timothy Snyder, Richard C. Levin Professor of History, Yale University
TUC 400B, 4:30PM

Tuesday, Feb. 27
Jim Crow Cincinnati: Gender, Race, and Violence in Urban Space

Carolette Norwood, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
& Nikki Jones, University of California Berkeley

2:30 PM
Making The New, New Boston, 1970-2017: Cities, Meanings, and Mass Culture in the Neoliberal Age

Stan Corkin, History and English and Comparative Literature
& Jefferson Cowie, James G. Stahlman Professor of History, Vanderbilt University

Wednesday, Feb. 28
Birthing Jewish Ethics: Reproduction and Ethics among Haredi Women in Jerusalem

Michal Raucher, Judaic Studies
& Elizabeth Bucar, Northeastern University

Thursday, Mar. 1
Navigating School Inequality: How Parents Pursue Magnet School Admission

Littisha Bates, Sociology
& Amanda Lewis, Professor of African American Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Friday, Mar. 2
Being With

Tony Chemero, Philosophy & Psychology
& Michael Silberstein, Professor of Philosophy, Elizabethtown College

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