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Taft Events

2009 - 2010

Thursday, October 22
Speaker: Gavin Martin
Title: The Revolution in Modern Geometry
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building

Thursday, October 22

Speaker: Finn Erling Kyland
Title: Policy Consistency and Economic Growth
Location: Zimmer Auditorium

Friday, October 23   
Speaker: Gavin Martin
Title: PDEs, Conformal Geometry, and the Hilbert Smith Conjecture
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building

Friday, November 13
Speaker: Iranya K. Nath
Title: TBA
Location: 1216 Crosley

Thursday, November 19
Speaker: Steve Wernke
Title: TBA
Location: TBA
Thursday, November 19
Speaker: Toshihiro Matsumura
Title: The Lost Decade in Japan
Location: 400 B Tangeman University Center

Friday, December 4   
Speaker: Prof. Timothy Conley, University of Chicago
Location: Taft House / 1216 Crosley

Thursday, January 28
Speaker: Srinivas Aravamudan, Duke University
Title: Humanities Forum, Keynote Lecture
Location:Taft Research Center

Friday, January 29
Speaker: Srinivas Aravamudan, Duke University; Gerald L. Early, Washington University at Saint Louis; Victor Bailey, University of Kansas
Title: Humanities Forum, Roundtable Discussion
Location:Taft Research Center

Wednesday February 24
Speaker: Michael Sherry
Title: Go Directly to Jail: I) The Punitive Turn Begins; II)The Punitive Turn in Our Time. Two lectures on two consecutive afternoons.
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, February 25
Speaker: Barbara Fischer
Title: A Jewish Fate in Dresden: Henny Brenner's Autobiography
Location: Max Kade German Cultural Center

Thursday, March 4
Speaker: David Moore
Title: How Public Policy Polls Undermine Democracy
Location: Taft Research Center

Monday, March 15
Speaker: William Bechtel
Title: Dynamic Mechanistic Explanations and Endogenously Active Brains
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, April 1
Speaker: Donald E. Marshall
Title: Conformal Maps
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building

Friday, April 2
Speaker: Donald E. Marshall
Title: Loewner, Welding, and Zippers
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building
Tuesday,  April 6
Speaker: Christopher Shields
Title: The Dialectic of Life
Location: 043 McMicken Hall
Wednesday, April 7
Speaker: Kwakiutl Dreher
Title: Hangin' out with my Celebrity Sistahs

Monday, April 12
Speaker: Hans Medick
Title: The Thirty Years' War as Experience and Memory: Contemporary Perceptions of a Macro-Historical Event.
Location: Max Kade German Cultural Center

Thursday, April 22
Speaker: Bogac Ergene
Title: Why did Ummu Gulsum go to Court? Ottoman Legal Practice between History and Antropology
Location: Taft House

Thursday, April 29
Speaker: Matthew Restall
Title: Are the Maya Really Afro-Maya? (The Lost History of Afro-Yucatan)
Location: Taft Research Center

Friday, May 7
Speaker: Donald Ray Pollock, Margaret Luongo
Title: The Ohio Festival of the Short Story
Location:Department of English and Comparative Literature

Saturday, May 8
Speaker: Nancy Zafris, Lee K. Abbott
Title: The Ohio Festival of the Short Story
Location: Department of English and Comparative Literature

Thursday - Saturday, May 13-15
Annual Research Symposium 2010
9:00 AM Presentations, 4:00 PM Keynote
Taft Research Center

Center Fellow Presentatations Thursday, May 13

Laura Jenkins(Political Science), A Lost Tribe? Religion, Nation, and Migration from India to Israel

Jintai Ding(Mathematical Sciences), Post-quantum Cryptography: Multivariate Public Key Cryptography

Tamar Heller(English), A Plot of Her Own: Rhoda Broughton and English Fiction

Leah Stewart(English), A Reading from Lucy's War

Christopher Phillips(History), Lincoln's Grasp of War: Neutrality, Conciliation, and the Border State Dilemma, 1861–62

Keynote Friday, May 14

Li-Young Lee, Distinguished Poet, Reading and Lecture on Poetics Introduction by Professor Jim Cummins, Poet and Curator, Elliston Library

Dissertation Fellows Presentations Saturday, May 15

Erica Dawson(English), Inwardness, Authorship, and Cottontail

Julianne Lynch(English), A Reading from Mother, Mother

Clement Loo(Philosophy), The Concept of Ecosystem Health within Ecology and Environmental Ethics

Evan Hart (History), "The Conspiracy of Silence is Killing Us": Byllye Avery and the Founding of the National Black Women's Health Project

John Callaghan(Political Science), Slavery and Major Power Warfare: Similar Paths to Obsolescence?

Ying Ma(Sociology), Ethnic Language Maintenance among School-age Second-generation Immigrant Children

Ivonne Rivas(Mathematical Sciences), Mathematical Models of Water Waves

Daniel Cabarcas (Mathematical Sciences), New Trends in Polynomial Solving and Applications to Cryptography

Yan Sun(Mathematical Sciences), Regularization for Long-order Autoregressive Processes and Its Applications

Rafael Garcia (Romance Languages), Fray Luis de Granada and the Religious Interpretative Communities in the Spanish Sixteenth Century

Michael Ennis(German Studies), Virtual Presentation: The M/S Wilhelm Gustloff in German Memory Culture

Michael Hutchins(German Studies), Virtual Presentation: "Kant and Television—They Obviously Don't Go Together": Reflections on an Unpublished Screenplay in W.G. Sebald's Literary Estate

Monday, May 17
Speaker: Julia Phillips Cohen
Title: Becoming Ottomans: Sephardi Jews and Imperial Belonging
Location: Taft Lecture Room

Friday, May 21
Speaker: Daniel Lord Smail
Title: Bridging the Abyss of Time: Making History 'Deep' and Interdisciplinary
Location: 400B Tangeman


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