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Rosi Braidotti

Dr. Rosi Braidotti, a well-known contemporary philosopher and feminist, is known in the scholarly world as a postmodern feminist.  She is most known for creating a new framework for the female subjectDr. Rosi Braidotti in the post-metaphysical world.  Braidotti is also known for polyglot fashion of writing, where the language of her text changes.  Sometimes she writes in English, other times she writes in Italian, and there are still other instances where she wields French.  She has names for her different dialectal texts -- from Italo-Australian to Franglais to New Yorkese Parisian patois.  These different forms of writing comes from Braidotti's unique background.

The Italian-born professor grew up in Australia.  She attended the Australian National University in Canberra in 1977 and received first-class honors degrees.  She was also awarded the University Medal in Philosophy and the University Tillyard Prize.  (The Tillyard Prize is the oldest and most prestigious prize awarded to an undergraduate student at ANS.  It commemorates Dr. Robin and Mrs. Patricia Tilyard, who were important contributors to the early growth of the university community.)  Then, Braidotti enrolled at Sorbonne University, in Paris, for her graduate work, and she graduated with a doctorate in philosophy in 1981.   

Since then, Braidotti has held a number of positions.  In 1988, Braidotti started teaching at the University of Ultrecht in the Netherlands.  That same year she was also appointed the founding professor for the women's studies program.  In 1995, she became the founding Director of the Netherlands research school of Women's Studies.  Presently, Braidotti is a Distinguished University Professor at Ultrecht University and founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities.

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