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Amy Townsend-Small, Associate Professor of Geology, University of Cincinnati

Dr. Townsend-Small researches the human impacts on global carbon, nitrogen, and water cycles; feedbacks between the carbon cycle, the hydrologic cycle, and climate change; greenhouse gas emissions and water quality associated with energy production; stable isotopes and radiocarbon dating. Her current research explores the sources and fluxes of methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas. For more on Dr. please see her research profile here.

Questions in this interview:
  • 0:16 Can you describe your research on water and climate change?
  • 2:05 How are human activities impacting the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?
  • 3:08 How do we know greenhouse gas emissions change the world’s climate?
  • 4:00 How does climate change impact the world’s water resources?
  • 4:57 How do you measure evaporation?
  • 5:23 Why should our generation care about these issues?

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