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Taft Talks

Andrew Leong

Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts - Boston, Dr. Andrew Leong specializes in issues of law, justice, and equality, pertaining to disenfranchised communities, generally, and Asian Americans specifically. Dr. Leong has written extensively on welfare and immigration reform, hate crimes, environmental justice, and community lawyering.

Questions in this interview:

  • Can you describe your research on Chinatowns & gentrification? (00:15)
  • When gentrification squeezes out a population where do they go and what happens to their community? (03:56)
  • Is the old remaining Chinatown Disneyfied? (05:42)
  • Do new Chinese communities emerge around the new strip malls? (10:00)
  • Are these changes symptomatic of a global phenomenon of neoliberal urbanism? (12:49)

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