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    • Congratulations to Erika Gasser, who just published "Vexed with Devils: Manhood and Witchcraft in Old and New England" with NYU Press (July 2017).Book cover image

    • Congratulations to Taft professor of English and History Dr. Stan Corkin for winning this year's distinguished Rieveschl Jr. Award for Creative and/or Scholarly Work.  Also congratulations to the following faculty who received awards as well at the April 19 UC Faculty Awards celebration. Honors include Stephanie Sadre-Orafai, who will received the George Barbour Award for Good Faculty-Student Relations, and the following faculty who were inducted into the Fellows of the Graduate School: Anthony Chemero, Russel Durst, Margaret Hanson, Todd Herzog, David Maume, Magda Peligrad, Nageswari Shanmugalingam, and Siva Sivaganesan. For more information, visit the website at