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    • Black History Month Celebrations

      • 6 Feb., 12:30 PM: Book Launch Celebration. Dr. Stanley Corkin, Taft Professor of English and Comparative Literature and History, just published his fourth book, "Connecting the Wire: Space, Race, and the Wonders of Post-Industrial Baltimore." Come celebrate his accomplishment with us at the Taft Research Center!

      • 17 Feb., 1 PM: Dr. Patricia Hill Collins, distinguished university professor at the University of Maryland, Charles Phelps Taft Emeritus Professor of Sociology within the Department of African American Studies, University of Cincinnati, will speak on "Taking a Stand: Anti-Black Racism & Coalitional Politics,” at the African American Cultural & Resource Center.

      • 18 Feb.: 2017 Louder Than A Bomb Cincy “Crossing The Streets”. This city-wide workshop and performance will featuring a local teaching artist and more than 40 teenage performers at Elementz, 1100 Race St.

      • 22-24 Feb.: Napoleon Maddox performing “Twice the First Time” at the Contemporary Arts Center Black Box. This special collaboration between the CAC and Taft brings to the community a unique performance nt to be missed. For more information, visit the CAC announcement.

      • 28 Feb., 11 AM: Bill Jennings, Chair, It's About Time BPP Alumni and Legacy Committee will speak on “Forerunners to the Black Lives Matter Movement: The Black Panther Party and the Role of Its Newspaper,” at the African American Cultural & Resource Center.Poster of 12th Annual Research Symposium Schedule

        • Please join us for the 12th Annual Research Symposium featuring 2016-2017 Center Fellows! Click on the poster for more details.

        • US Presidency & Our Common FutureThere are a number of issues surrounding President-elect Donald Trump policies and what he will do during his term in office. The Taft Research Center has sponsored a three-session series examining the impact of new policies. To view the panel sessions and find out more, please click on the poster image.