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James C. Kautz Lecture Presented by University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business and the Department of Economics - Sponsored by Kautz-Uible Fund and the Taft Research Center

"Our changing lives: Work, family, and policy in a time of rising gender equality"


Headshot of Prof. Betsey Stevenson

Betsey Stevenson

Associate Professor of Public Policy; 
Associate Professor of Economics
University of Michigan

Friday, Oct. 19

Lecture at Carl H. Lindner College of Business
2925 Campus Green Drive 
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Robert and Rose Fealy Auditorium, Room 112
5:45 p.m.

The talk will explore how economics can help us understand how the motivation for families and the behavior within families has changed over the past several decades, how our jobs and work life have changed, and the interactions between changes in the family and the workplace. Public policy has helped to facilitate those changes by reducing workplace discrimination, increasing educational opportunities for women, and changing the laws surrounding divorce. However, other public policy decisions--such as a lack of paid parental leave--have limited those changes.