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    • Political Scientist Andrew Lewis examines Mike Huckabee's subversion of the Supreme Court, following the Court's recent decision on same-sex marriage, in a June 30 Washington Post article here.

    • What causes extinction-level events & how do species survive them? Take a look at recent work from Ken Tankersley and a group of UC researchers for answers: here.

    • What part of the US weathered the economic crisis well? How did race play a role in neighborhood development during this period? Find out from a recent study from Sociology’s Jeff Timberlake, published in here.

    • Congratulations to Caroline Hensley, a double major in Spanish and Biomedical Studies, for earning the UC Presidential Leadership Medal of Excellence. For more on her story, visit the announcement here.

    • Alexis Schramm, third-year undergraduate in political science, received the Ralph Bunche Fellowship to attend the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute, held at Duke University. Through this program, Schramm will participate in two graduate level courses, one in quantitative analysis and one in race and American politics. The program also includes the creation of an original research paper that will allow for the application of knowledge gained from both of these courses.

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