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2019 - 2020 faculty release fellows

  • Gergana Ivanova, German Studies
    Literacy and Sexual Allure: Court Culture in Early Modern Japan.

  • Brianna Leavitt-Alcántara, History
    The Virgin’s Wrath: Faith, Gender, and Violence in the Mayan Highlands of Chiapas.

  • Heidi L. Maibom, Philosophy
    A Life Lived Well: A Philosopher’s Guide to Happiness.

  • Daniel Murphy, Anthropology
    Where Chinggis Khan Spilled His Tea: Development and Disaster in Neoliberal Mongolia.

  • Valerie Weinstein, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    The Reactionary Transnational.

2017 - 2018 faculty release fellows

  • Zvi Biener, Philosophy
    Big Data from a Philosophical Perspective

  • Ashley Currier, Women’s
    The Politics of Prison Sex in Southern Africa

  • Fenfang Hwu, Romance
    Preterite and Imperfect in Conversational Discourse

  • Matthew Kraus, Judaic Studies
    Book Chanukah Through the Ages

  • Man Bun Kwan, History
    Repairing the earth: fertilizer in modern China

  • Heather Norton, Anthropology
    Faculty leave to support ELSI research in genomic anthropology and biomedicine

  • Katherine Sorrels, History
    Villagers: Countercultural Communes and the Origins of the Disability Rights Movement

2016 – 2017 faculty release fellows

  • Danielle Bessett, Sociology

    Contested Prescriptions: Medication Abortion, Reproductive Governance, and Women’s Health

  • Michael Gott, Romance Languages and Literatures

    Crossing 2.0: Europe, Migrants, Mobile Lives and Screen Communities

  • Michael Griffith, English & Comparative Literature

    Grimster and the Cruciverb: A Novel

  • Peter Langland-Hassan, Philosophy

    Understanding and Explaining Inner Speech and Imagination

  • David Maume, Sociology

    Correlates and Consequences of Declining Mobility in the U.S.

  • Thomas Moore, Political Science

    Understanding the Dynamics of China’s Int'l. Rise in a World of Increasingly Globalized Production

  • Anne Runyan, Political Science

    Contesting Disposability

2015 – 2016 faculty release fellows

  • Robert Buckingham, Mathematical Sciences

    Energy Transmission in Multiple-Component Systems

  • Ethan Katz, History

    The Algerian Rebels Who Helped the Allies Win the War

  • Therese Migraine-George, Romance Languages and Literatures

    The Aesthetics and Politic of Difference in France

  • Maria-Paz Moreno, Romance Languages and Literatures

    Madrid: A Food Biography

  • Rebecca Sanders, Political Science

    Human Rights Abuses at the Limits of the Law

2014-2015 faculty release fellows

  • Vanessa Carbonell, Philosophy

    Non-Ideal Ethics

  • Stan Corkin, English & Comparative Literature

    Imagining the New, New Boston, 1970-2014: History and Mass Culture in the Neoliberal Age

  • Tom Polger, Philosophy

    Why Is there Anything but Physics?

  • Leila Rodriguez Soto, Anthropology

    The Anthropology of Globalization and Anthropology Expert Witnessing

  • Patricia Valladares-Ruiz, Romance Languages & Literatures

    Mapping Literary Dissidence in the Bolivarian Revolution

2013 – 2014 faculty release fellows

  • Lisa Meloncon, English and Comparative Literature

    Tracing Medicine: Geographic Histories of Medical Discourse

  • Carolette Norwood, Africana Studies

    Navigating Gender, Race and Space in High HIV-Prevalence Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

  • Olga Sanmiguel-Valderrama, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

    Global Women's Work in Transition and No Roses without Thorns

  • Alan Sullivan, Anthropology

    Anthropogenic Ecosystems in Archaeological Perspective

  • Gary Weissman, English and Comparative Literature

    The Death and Life of the Mind at Auschwitz

2012 - 2013 faculty release fellows

  • Isaac Campos-Costero, History

    Narco-Dynamics and the Evolution of Mexico's War on Drugs, 1912-1940

  • Julia Carlson, English & Comparative Literature

    Reading with the Hands: Impression and Inscription in Romantic-Era Britain

  • Laura Jenkins, Political Science

    I will not die a Hindu: Identity improvisation in India

  • Jeremy Koster, Anthropology

    Assessing selection for hunting ability among domestic dogs in lowland Nicaragua

  • Amy Lind, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

    Folk Taxonomies: Race and Sex in American Forensic Anthropology

2011 – 2012 faculty release fellows

  • Carlos Gutierrez, Romance Languages & Literatures

    Self-Fashioning in Cervantes

  • Koffi Maglo, Philosophy

    Newton’s Principia in the French Enlightenment: From Eclipse to the Rise of a Phoenix

  • David (Carl) Minda, Mathematical Sciences

    A Unified Hyperbolic Geometric Approach to Complex Analysis

  • Vernon Scarborough, Anthropology

    Complexity and Sustainability: What the Past Reveals About Our Present

  • Tracy Teslow, History

    Folk Taxonomies: Race and Sex in American Forensic Anthropology

2010 – 2011 faculty release fellows

  • Christopher Gauker, Philosophy

    A Third Conception of the Normativity of Semantics

  • Fenfang Hwu, Romance Languages & Literatures

    A Review of the Use of Learner-Behavior Tracking in Computer-Assisted Language Learning Research Studies

  • Dinshaw Mistry, Political Science

    Diplomacy, Domestic Politics, and International Cooperation: The Nuclear Agreement with India

  • Willard Sunderland, History

    Continental Encounters: Eurasian Empires in the Cosmopolitan Age

  • Jeffrey M. Timberlake, Sociology

    Trends in American Urban Spatial Structure, 1970 to 2010

2009 – 2010 faculty release fellows

  • Stanley Corkin, English & Comparative Literature

    An Introduction to the Wire; Or, Why What Happens in Baltimore Doesn’t Stay in Baltimore

  • Martin Francis, History

    Britain and the Desert War, 1940-1943: A Cultural History

  • Jeffrey Loveland, Romance Languages & Literatures

    The Printed Encyclopedia in Europe, 1550-1985

  • Thomas Moore, Political Science

    Cooperating to Compete: Chinese Grand Strategy and Regional Order in East Asia

  • Maria Paz Moreno, Romance Languages & Literatures

    "El vientre de la iguanas" (The Belly of the Iguanas)

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