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digital humanities

If you are interested in joining one or a few of these groups, please click the link(s) above to find out more about the group and how to join. Digital technologies are transforming the ways in which information is created, understood, and communicated. Digital Humanities utilizes and examines these transformative networks, technologies, and media in order to investigate and communicate their impact on art, culture, and society.

The Digital Humanities Research Group at the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center conceives of this developing field of research as comprising three main areas:

  1. The use of digital tools such as electronic literary analysis, digitization, visualization, and mapping technologies to enrich research in the humanities.
  2. The use of new media forms such as digital publications, digital archives, and interactive media to disseminate and share information.
  3. The investigation into the aesthetics and the cultural impact of new technologies and new media.

The Digital Humanities is an inherently collaborative and interdisciplinary field of study that positions itself at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. The Digital Humanities Research Group welcomes scholars in all fields and at all levels who are interested in working together to understand how information is created and distributed in the digital age.

For information, please contact Harold (Todd) Herzog at

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