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  • Won Chang, Mathematical Sciences
    New Statistical Framework for Large Scale Computer Model Calibration Using Deep Learning

  • Alfred Cotton, Journalism
    Racist Media Representations of Police Shootings: The Problem of Primary Definition

  • Mauricio Espinoza, Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures
    Beyond Bad Hombres: Il/legality and Latinx Heroism in U.S. Popular Culture (from Zorro to Narcos)

  • Seungki Kim, Math Sciences
    The standard deviation of the number of saddle connections of bounded length on translation surfaces

  • Rebecca Lindenberg, English
    A Brief History of the Future Apocalypse: Poems

  • Sharrell Luckett, English
    Documenting a Dramatic Theorist of the African Diaspora

  • Heidi Lene Maibom, Philosophy
    Empathy. New Ideas in Philosophy

  • Gareth Speight, Mathematical Sciences
    Viable Paths in Non Smooth Spaces

  • Leah Stewart, English
    Immersion: A Novel

  • Yanyu Xiao, Mathematical Sciences
    Mathematical modeling in examining the roles of vectors in the transmission of vector-borne diseases


  • Aryay Finkelstein, Judaic Studies Sacrifice
    Priests and the Temple in the Apostolic Constitutions

  • Gergana Ivanova, German Studies
    Literacy and Sexual Allure: Court Culture in Early Modern Japan

  • Victor Kaftal, Math Sci.
    Ideals in Multiplier algebras

  • Lim Sookkyung, Math Sci.
    Understanding the swimming mechanism of a bacterium, Vibrio alginolyticus via mathematical modeling

  • Rebecca Sanders, Political Science
    Norm Spoiling: Undermining the International Women's Rights Agenda

  • Joseph Takougang, Africana Studies
    Home Sweet Home: Returned Diaspora Cameroonians

  • Kenneth Tankersley, Anthropology
    The impact of maize on Native American agricultural soil.

  • Xia Wang, Math Sci.
    Bayesian Functional ANOVA Models in Climate Prediction


  • Won Chang, Mathematical Sciences
    Event-based diagnostics of model precipitation using rainstorm identification and tracking

  • Ashley Currier, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Marriage-Equality Mobilization in Kentucky

  • Jennifer Glaser, English & Comparative Literature
    Graphic Inheritances: Race. Media, Comics

  • Kristen Iversen, English & Comparative Literature
    Hamlet’s Secret: Colorado’s Hidden African American Jazz Club and Literary Salon

  • Sarah Jackson, Anthropology
    Sitting Together with Things: Human-Object Relationships among the Maya

  • Craig Perry, Judaic Studies
    Masters and Slaves in Medieval Egypt

  • Leila Rodriguez Soto, Anthropology
    The Integration of Unaccompanied Minors in Cincinnati

  • Yanyu Xiao, Mathematical Sciences
    The mathematical modeling for infectious diseases


  • Isaac Campos-Costero, History
    Narcodynamics and the Evolution of Mexico's War on Drugs

  • Michael Gott, Romance Languages and Literatures
    Crossing 2.0: Mobile Lives, Migrants, and Screen Communities

  • Hang-Joon Kim, Mathematical Sciences
    Simultaneous Approach to Edit-Imputation and Data Protection for Business Establishment Data

  • Andrew Lewis, Political Science
    Priming Prophetic Politics: The Development of Political Clergy in American Seminaries

  • Shailaja Paik, History
    The Politics of Performance: Caste, Sexuality, and Discrimination in Popular Culture in India

  • Stephen Porter, History
    Still the Light of the World? Refugees and the End of the American Century

  • Sunnie Rucker-Chang, German Studies
    Roma Inclusion and US Civil Rights: A Legal and Cultural Comparison

  • Anne Runyan, Political Science
    Contesting Disposability: Resistances to Burying Nuclear Waste in Canada

  • Rebecca Sanders, Political Science
    Human Rights Abuses at the Limits of the Law

  • Gareth Speight, Mathematical Sciences
    Lipschitz Functions and Carnot Groups


  • Lora Arduser, English & Comparative Literature
    Living Chronic: Agency and Expertise in the Rhetoric of Diabetes

  • Isaas Campos-Costero, History
    Narcodynamics and the Origins of Mexico's War on Drugs

  • Jintai Ding, Mathematical Sciences
    Authenticated Provably Secure Key Exchange Protocol Based on Learning with Error Problems

  • Brenden Green, Political Science
    Two Concepts of Liberty: U.S. Grand Strategy and the Liberal Tradition

  • Victor Kaftal, Mathematical Sciences
    Operator Theory Methods For Fusion Frames

  • Bledar Konomi,Mathematical Sciences
    Nonseparable multi-output Gaussian process emulator with full scale approximation

  • Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, Sociology
    Cincinnati Neighborhoods Study

  • Willard Sunderland, History
    Peter's Horizons: Russia and the World in the Age of Peter the Great

  • Tai Tsang, English & Comparative Literature
    The Obsolete Empire: Late Realism in Twentieth-Century British Literature

  • Xia Wang, Mathematical Sciences
    Bayesian Models in Large-Scale Hypotheses Testing


  • Daniel Murphy, Anthropology
    Rough Cashmere: Global Commmodities and Local Catastrophe in Pastoral Mongolia

  • Shailaja Paik, History
    The Politics of Performance: Caste, Sexuality, and Discrimination in Popular Culture in India

  • Olivier Parent, Economics
    Spatio-temporal Interaction in Behavioral Models

  • Siva Sivaganesan, Mathematical Sciences
    Subgroup Analysis with Multiple Covariates

  • Leonid Slavin, Mathematical Sciences
    Bellman Functions in Harmonic Analysis: New Frontiers

  • Leah Stewart, English & Comparative Literature
    What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw

  • Patricia Valladarez Ruiz, Romance Languages & Literatures
    Mapping Cultural Dissidence in the Bolivarian Revolution

  • Benjamin Vaughan, Mathematical Sciences
    Mathematical Modeling of the Effects of Turbulence on Bacterial Biofilms

  • Guy-Lucien Whembolua, Africana Studies
    Examination of African Fathers' Roles in the Decision Making Process to Breastfeed


  • Christopher Bachelder, English & Comparative Literature
    The Throwback Special

  • Zvi Biener, Philosophy
    The Life Sciences in the Scientific Revolution: Isaac Newton and the Physiology of Perception

  • Aryay Finkelstein, Judaic Studies
    Julian and the Jews: The Place of Jews in Emperor Julian's Hellenic Empire

  • Martin Francis, History
    Britain and the Desert War, 1940-1943: A Cultural History

  • Michael Gott, Romance Languages & Literatures
    The (New) Boundaries of Frenchness

  • Robert Haug, History
    The Politics and Economics of Local Elites on the Early Islamic Eastern Frontier

  • Gergana Ivanova, German Studies
    Gendering the Classics: Adaptation, Women, and Japanese Modernity

  • Lei Kang, Mathematical Sciences
    Simulation and Analysis of Massive Spatial Data

  • Holly McGee, History
    Talking on Water: Radical Anti-apartheid Internationalism and Exile in the Life of Elizabeth Mafekeng

  • Christine Mok, English & Comparative Literature
    Disorientations: Theatricality and Contemporary Asian American Performance


  • Danielle Bessett, Sociology
    Pregnancy After Problems: Understanding Stigmatized Reproductive Careers

  • Stanley Corkin, English & Comparative Literature
    The Wire: Space, Race, and the Wonders of Post-Industrial Baltimore

  • Danielle Deulen, English & Comparative Literature
    After Fever

  • Erika Gasser, History
    Witchcraft and Possession before Salem: New England Cases, 1640-1660

  • David Herron, Mathematical Sciences
    QuasiConvexity in Heisenberg Groups

  • Peter Langland-Hassan, Philosophy
    Knowing What You Are Thinking: Inner Speech, Visual Imagery, and Introspection

  • Brianna Leavitt-Alcantara, History
    Practicing Faith: Laywomen and Religion in Central America, 1700-1860

  • Andres Perez-Simon, Romance Languages and Literatures
    The Theatrical Pendulum: Paths of Innovation in Modernist European Drama

  • Stephanie Sadre-Orafai, Anthropology
    Visual Anxiety: Fashioning Difference in 21st Century America

  • Katherine Sorrels, History
    The Evolution of Europe: Social Darwinism and the Ideal of Integration in Fin De Siècle Austria

  • Patricia Valladares-Ruiz, Romance Languages and Literatures
    Female Subjectivities in Contemporary Narratives of Slavery of the Hispanic and Francophone Caribbean

  • Xia Wang, Mathematical Sciences
    Individual Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Model: a Bayesian Approach


  • Isaac Campos, History
    Leopoldo Salazar Viniegra, Drug Policy, and US–Mexican Relations

  • Erynn Casanova, Sociology
    Men and Dress at Work

  • Jintai Ding, Mathematical Sciences
    New Algebraic Methods for Learning with Error Problems

  • Ari Gordon, Judaic Studies
    On Jews and Other Nations: The Intellectual Biography of Hans Kohn (1891–1971)

  • Timothy J. Hodges, Mathematical Sciences
    Project: Algebraic Foundations of Multivariate Cryptosystems

  • Ethan Katz, History
    Burdens of Brotherhood: The Jewish/Muslim Question in Modern France

  • Wendy Kline, History
    Birth in Transition: A Recent History of Midwifery and Childbirth in the United States

  • Shailaja Paik, History
    To Reshape and Reorganize Our Worlds: Dalit Women's Education and Empowerment

  • Angela Potochnik, Philosophy
    Games in Evolution

  • Jim Ridolfo, English and Comparative Literature
    The Pigeon and the Honeycomb: Rethinking Rhetorical Delivery for the Twenty-First Century

  • Siva Sivaganesan, Mathematical Sciences
    Subgroup Analysis of Multiple Responses

  • Robert A. Skipper, Jr. , Philosophy
    Why Are We Fat? Proximate and Ultimate Causes in Explaining Obesity


  • Robert Buckingham, Mathematical Sciences
    New Universality Laws and Their Applications

  • Vanessa Carbonell, Philosophy
    Moral Recommendations

  • David Ciarlo, History
    Selling War: Consumerism, Militarized Whiteness, and the Roots of Fascism in German Visual Culture

  • Christopher Gauker, Philosophy
    Completion of Words and Pictures: An Essay on the Origin of Ideas

  • Sookyung Lim, Mathematical Sciences
    Mathematical modeling of valveless pumping

  • Laura Micchiche, English and Comparative Literature
    What WPAs can learn from Hypermiliung: Agency Reconfigured

  • Leila Rodriguez Soto, Anthropology
    Accumulation, Inequality and Migration in Two Central American Towns

  • Nese Sara, Economics
    Non-discrimination at the WTO: Implications for Quality Choice and Welfare

  • Sylvia Sellers-Garcia, History
    Distant Guatemala: Reading Documents from the Periphery

  • Seongho Song, Mathematical Sciences
    Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Estimating Migration Rate, Mutation Rate and Population Size in Microsatellite Loci

  • Katherine Whitcome, Anthropology
    Infant carrying in Malagasy Sifakas: a comparative model for understanding locomotor transitions in human evolution

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