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  • Caitlin Doyle, English & Comparative Literature
    Access to Her Proper Stone: Formal Mastery & Marginalized Identity in the Work of Gwendolyn Brooks

  • Kristen Fleming, History
    The Upstream Polluters in the Ecological Transformation of the Ohio River

  • Ian Golding, English & Comparative Literature
    Drawing Civic Identity: How Illustrations Shaped 19th Century America

  • Alexander Golubski, Anthropology
    Inequality and Gendered Networks in Pastoral Mongolia

  • Stacy Grover, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Queer Oral History in Appalachia

  • Margaret Kane, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Decoding Discipline: ‘Appropriate’ Femininity and Disparate School Discipline Practices

  • Julie Marzec, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    The (Im)possibilities of Ecuador’s Left Turn: State Responses to Gender-Based Violence

  • Sevsem Okay, Sociology
    Patterns and Trends in the Spatial Assimilation of Middle Eastern Immigrants in the United States

  • Parker Christopher, Philosophy
    The Rationality of Mental Disorder

  • Aleshia Walton, English & Comparative Literature
    Claiming Baggage: The Airport Baggage Claim as a Kairotic Border of Violence


  • Bijun Chen , Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Not Your Normal Marriage: How Tongqi, or Women Married to “Gay Men,” Negotiate Marriage, Economy, and Culture in Contemporary China

  • Aparna Singh, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Women’s Experiences in Natural Disasters: A Case Study of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

  • Emily Skaja , English & Comparative Literature
    To Feel All the Hurting Beauty Go Flat: Plath, Northampton, & the Stigma of Mental Illness

  • Ryan Smith, English & Comparative Literature
    Extended Family

  • Angela Stiefbold, History
    Rural Character and Rural Economy: Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1930-1990

  • Jelena Vicic, Political Science
    Euroskepticism vs. the Establishment: Challenging the Status Quo?

  • Julia Escobar Villegas, Romance Languages & Literature
    Archival Research on Muy Caribe Está


  • Rasha Aly, Sociology
    Finding Your Identity in a Domestic Violence Shelter

  • Luis Miguel Estrada Orozco, Romance Languages & Literature
    Mexican Boxer: A Mythical approach to a Tragic Hero

  • Evan Johnson, History
    Coexistence in the Face of War: Civil-Military Relations During the Thirty Years War (1618-1648)

  • Andrew McGrath, Anthropology
    Circuit Breaker: Housing First as chronic caring

  • Sarah Nordgren, English & Comparative Literature
    Territory Video

  • Guilherme Sanches de Oliveira, Philosophy
    Representationalism and the Analogy between Scientific Models and Maps


  • Sophonie Bazile, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
    Dykeasporia: Queer Haitian Women Creating Their Own Spaces

  • Jocelyn Connolly, Anthropology
    The Woodland Indian Occupation of the Lower Little Miami River Valley

  • Vanessa de los Reyes, History
    From Ricky Ricardo to Chico and the Man: Latinos in American Popular Culture, 1951-1978

  • Juan Camilo Galeano Sanchez, Romance Languages & Literatures
    An Intersectional Approach to Colombia’s La Violencia Female Literature

  • Sergio Daladier Molina Aristizabal, Mathematical Sciences
    Semi-Regular Systems of Equations

  • Ondrej Pazdirek, English & Comparative Literature
    After Him: A book-length poem in sections

  • Brenda Peynado, English & Comparative Literature
    Our Mercy in April (a novel)


  • Matthew Bauman, German Studies
    The Truth Is Always More Subjective on the Other Side of the Wall: Television and Propaganda in the Two Germanys

  • Katherine Fiorelli, History
    Whose History? Researching Changes in England’s Historical Curriculum

  • Jordan Hager, History
    Searching for Medicinal Plants in the New World: Practical Approaches to Healing and General Health

  • Eugenia Mazur, Romance Languages & Literature
    Contemporary Reception and Adaptation of Spanish Golden Age Theater in the United States

  • Alyssa McClanahan, History
    “Take the Toys from the Boys!” Women’s Liberation, Environmentalism, and the Politics of the Anti-Nuclear Movement

  • Janine Morris, English & Comparative Literature
    Attending to Digital Reading

  • Valentina Petrolini, Philosophy
    Delusions and Rationality: Moving Forward from Bortolotti's Proposal

  • Kathleen Ratajczak, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
    Creating Survivor Identities

  • Eric Rogers, Philosophy
    Towards A Comprehensive Invasion Ecology: Expanding the Role of Systems Thinking in Explanations of Biological Invasions

  • Linwood Rumney, English & Comparative Literature
    St. Matthias and the Great Moon Hoax


  • Ufuk Adak, History
    Behind the Walls: Prison Life in Ottoman Prisons in Istanbul and Izmir (1858-1910)

  • Matthias Barker, Philosophy
    Ecological Sensibility Theory: Affordance Perception as a Model for Moral Perception

  • Brittany Cowgill, History
    Monitoring Progress: The Story of SIDS, Infant Monitors, and Changing Doctor-Patient Relationships in the Twentieth-Century United States

  • Michael Ducey, Philosophy
    Intentions and Meaning Determination

  • Ayca Mazman, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
    Negotiating the Relationship Between Islam and Feminism in the Writings of Middle Eastern Women

  • Janine Morris, English & Comparative Literature
    Webbed Ecologies: Examining Activist Movements Online

  • Katharine Polak, English & Comparative Literature
    Introduction and Conclusion of Gutter love: Comics and the Mediation of Trauma

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